The Voices Online – A Digital Platform Children across the World.

Bhubaneswar (Basundhara) An acclaimed corporate lawyer and social activist RUHAIL CHOUDHURY, creates a digital platform for children across the world to promote international peace & friendship, engage in constructive communication and various developmental work.

During this pandemic, lifestyle for children across the world has drastically changed. Mostly they are now confined within four walls of their apartments with various restrictions and are compelled to follow the new normal. Several experts dealing with children psychology have raised serious concerns over the expected negative impacts of the new restrictive life-style on children in particular. Being worried with such concerns, Ruhail Choudhury, an acclaimed corporate lawyer and well-known Social activist of the city who also specializes in Child Rights from Harvard University and has been involved with various social activities particularly relating to welfare of children for more than a decade wanted to create a digital platform for children across the globe to share their talents & creativity and also engage in constructive communication and various developmental activities.

The digital platform provides news and articles related to education, health and community development exercises involving school students. The website also aims at developing friendship among children of various nations and thereby ensures international peace and friendship in future. To facilitate such objectives it also recognizes icons from all over the world, who have not only championed means of attaining global peace but have also contributed in betterment of society.

The website organized ‘The Dr.Radhakrishnan Award 2020’, which saw the legends in educational fraternity like Mr. L.W Hartnett, Ms. Gunmeet Bindra, Mr. John Andrew Bagul , Ms.Sunita Sen and Ms.Joeeta Basu, been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the field of education.

Another illustrious feather added to young sturdy cap is the event that recognised influencers of global peace. The web-site which was born in pandemic times, as recent as in the month of July 2020, managed to get global icons of peace in the form of His Excellency, Danish Ambassador To India Mr. Freddy Svane, Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty CGO Tata Sons from Delhi, Senior Supreme Court of India advocate Mr. Anoop Bose from Delhi , His excellency, The Rwanda ambassador, Mr.Earnest Rwamucyo from Rwanda, Africa, Philanthropist Mr. Nayan Patel from London, UK, Mr. James Strock, Eminent Lawyer and Writer from California, USA and Aclaimed Journalist and Fmr. Sheriff of Calcutta Mr. Utpal Chatterjee, from Kolkata.

The Voices Online team core team includes Deborshi Barat, a scholar and faculty of Legal studies, Kanak Gupta, education entrepreneur, Malay Mukherjee, IT expert, Tathagata Chowdhury, eminent actor and director, Pinaki Addy, Senior Supreme Court Advocate, Jayeeta Ganguly, reputed writer, Kirti Asopa Choudhury, Lawyer, Aamar Zaki, Lawyer and Social activist, Poulami Chakraborty, reputed journalist, Shinjan Mitra, film-maker, Adrija Jana, student coordinator, Karan Asopa, MBA Student.

On 1st January 2021, one of the core member of ‘The Voices Online’ team Tathagata Chowdhury organized an unique new year celebrations with a group of under privileged children of the city at a popular coffee joint, Wisdom Tree owned by Sonali Sarkar. A Laptop along with other gifts were handed over to the children from Treasures of Innocence foundation in presence of Chief Guest of the event Ms. Moubani Sarkar.

The website has become extremely popular among children in just few months and has more than 90,000 readers across the world, for more details you may check:

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